Maya's customer reviews
This was my first experience purchasing a car online, and I was really surprised at how easy it ended up being. The biggest hold up I had was waiting for the check from my credit union (I didn’t finance through Gettacar) in terms of the time it took from finding the vehicle I wanted to them dropping it off in my driveway (the process took a little over a week, but most of that was waiting for mail over a holiday weekend). I would imagine if I went with financing through the site the process would have been faster. Their team was responsive and very helpful. To be honest it’s strange to me to make such a big purchase without test driving first, but they have a 7 day return policy, and I’m planning on getting the vehicle inspected by my mechanic just in case there is an issue with the vehicle (basically doing a pre-purchase inspection post purchase, but within the 7 day window). As of right now (approximately 24 hours post drop off), everything about the vehicle is as was described on the site, and I could not be happier. The price was also around $2k less than a comparable vehicle, which was another bonus.
Very pleasant car buying process and delivery process. Would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a used car in the future. Maya was very helpful and the guy who delivered the car (Dan) was knowledgeable and professional.
Working with Maya was great. The buying process was easy and the car delivery person was a gem. He smelled something funky and immediately took the car back to have it checked. Turns out new breaks were just adjusting or something but the fact they were transparent about everything made me feel safe. I ended up deciding not to keep the car and am in the process of scheduling a return since I am within the 7 day test drive window. So far so good. I would recommend.
Amal Abuelhawa